GPACT – The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy

“A Self-Regulating Educational and Certification Body ~ Unsurpassed for Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists Since 2009”

Colon Hydrotherapy is quickly becoming a part of mainstream life. Colonics are even being mentioned in our TV programs! As this change progresses, we, colon hydrotherapists, have a whole new set of issues and concerns facing us. Some of us felt the need to keep pace with these changes in a more rigorous fashion than was being done around 2008. After listening to the grumbling and complaining over a number of years, it finally became clear that someone had to do something different and do it now.

Thus began the idea for The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy (GPACT). It started with gathering a list of the major complaints and concerns of fellow therapists. Then it was months of working and re-working on the policies and requirements. If we, ourselves, don’t set high standards in our industry, some government agency will come in and set them for us. We don’t want someone who has no concept about our industry setting policy for us.

We are a global industry. We know that therapists worldwide are seeking representation, licensure, and the credibility that they have earned. They also wanted to feel that they were being heard when they had concerns. GPACT will do all within its power to assure that there is a clear-cut set of standards and that all members will adhere to them in their dealings with each other and the public. We will have a rotating – member grievance board who will deal with complaints among therapists. We want to help fund legal work and representation within the legal system to allow us the credibility of being licensed by our respective governments.

GPACT was established in 2009 and began working to address the educational standards and needs of students and laws around the world. GPACT serves as a certification body not based on the sole use, instruction, learning of one; but of a multitude of curriculums and syllabi from GPACT approved schools and educators on a case by case basis.

We began organizing a central place for you to find scientific research updates and answers to colon therapy related questions. We will have a Facebook page and Twitter for sharing your knowledge and keeping up with friends worldwide. We’ll have a ‘suggestion box’ for your thoughts and ideas. As we grow as an organization your opportunities to be a part of the “force for change” will be even greater.

The Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy is a Limited Liability Corporation with headquarters based in the United States of America.


Thank you for your interest in the Global Professional Association of Colon Therapists or GPACT.

Through history, people have used an entire gamut of colon hydrotherapy tools, apparatuses, and now modern equipment approved by governmental agencies to Hydrate feces and remove it from the body.

An interesting side effect of colon hydrotherapy is that hydration can occur through the mucosa of the large intestine. The believed benefits of colon hydrotherapy (all left unproven by science) must be taken head-on, one by one, so that information and access to colon hydrotherapy are available where and when needed.


It is GPACT’s intention to bring respect and dignity to the Colon Therapy industry in general and to our members and this organization as a whole. We have worked diligently to become the first and only association to offer the Pillars of Global Standards of Excellence and Safety including:

  • Official client/patient Intake form
  • Comprehensive Standard Operating Protocol for professional colonic practitioner/business thus enabling practitioners to maintain hygiene, safety, and maintenance protocols.

GPACT honors other Colon Therapists that pursue similar goals and have completed training to reflect that the membership certificate on their wall means they have achieved the highest standards attainable in the Colon Therapy industry.


We are a global industry. We know that therapists worldwide are seeking representation, licensure, and the credibility that they have earned.


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